Waiting For My Miracle

First of all, I want to thank everyone again for your support, and I am really sorry for such long posts! I will try to make them shorter! I just have so much to say.

Two weeks later I was back in the Doctor's office. He checked my wounds and they were healing just fine. He showed my pictures of my ovaries from the surgery, (which really grossed Joey out!) And wouldn't you know, he removed some CYSTS from my ovary! Finally, that one unsure symptom was confirmed. Luckily no ultrasound this time. However, he prescribed more clomid. A higher longer dosage though. So, I thought why not? Give it a try... Once again, my body did not respond, and I knew that was going to be the case. Which is probably one of my problems, I am always expecting the worst. I never can seem to just believe that things will be alright.

So Joey and I anxiously awaited Dr. Servy's next move. He decided to go for the strong meds. Shots. I had to take Follistim every night for a few nights and then return back to the doctor. I thought how bad can giving myself a shot be? I couldn't do it. Joey thought it wouldn't be hard to give me one either. So we watched an instructional video on how to use the Follistim pen, and then we both freaked out. We almost had to call one of our friends that is in the medical field. Finally I just sucked it up and told Joey to go for it. Luckily it was pain free. So after a few nights we returned to the office and had an ultrasound, and once again, no response.  So Dr. Servy wanted to try more shots for longer. This made me extremely nervous. At this point insurance wasn't covering the medicine. One vial of the medicine was $500. We were really blessed with the first vial, they gave it to us for free. But now here we were need another. Luckily the pharmacy had a discount program and it was less than 50% the fill price... Whew.....

However, I once again did not respond. By this point I was as discouraged as one could possibly be. And I just couldn't take any more shots. The more frequent we did them, the more they began to hurt. So Dr. Servy decided it would be best to take two months off and actually try to attack my ovaries by going on the pill. He also suggested that I lose weight. (which he suggested at my first visit, but didn't focus on it like I worried he would). So for the past two months I took birth control and an estrogen supplement. Last week I was supposed to return to see what the next step is. However I had a scheduling conflict and needed to reschedule.

I have yet to reschedule. Joey and I talked, and I really feel like taking the rest of this year off is the right thing for us at this time. In just 3 months we have stretched ourselves financially so much that it would be so difficult to continue on. Plus I want to really focus on loosing weight and see if I can't make this whole process easier on myself. So finally, that is where we are at right now. Just taking time off and going to work on getting healthier and just relax....


  1. We're on break too. I am bound and determined to be skinny or pregnant next year! LOL! I do a little each day. Since the Menopur shots were about $200 a day, we decided to buy a treadmill because we really want to not have to take so many shots. At my weight it was expensive. So, as the ounces come off each week I am closer to me goal. I wish you luck! I love your blog and I think you ought to continue writing. you are good at it.

  2. Thank you so much for your support. I am sure you can imagine how great it is to be supported! Trust me, I know about the weight! I can't believe I have gained as much as I have, for never being overweight, but I guess I can thank PCOS for some of that...