Thank You!

Thank to everyone for the support so far for my blog. It has taken me years to get the confidence to put it all out there.... I plan to post throughout this week, to catch everyone up to where we are today... So, please hang in there, I promise I will keep up with this! I know I am writing what seems like books right now, but I also promise that I will not continue to write such long posts!!!!

I am really excited so far from the response I have received, and would like to ask anyone that has been able to read my posts, please pass my blog along to anyone that you think would benefit from it. My story only helps if the right people hear it! I think that anyone, struggling with infertility or not can benefit. People who are  not struggling with it should know how "we" feel....

Also, I have a contest to offer. I really could care less of how many people follow, as much as I care how many people I am able to reach, and potentially help. So, for the person that can "refer" the most people to follow me, I will give you a special gift. As some of you may know I absolutely love crafts! So I am going to make something special for the winner! Check back tomorrow for more details on the contest!!!

Anyway, thanks again!!!!


  1. Good luck with your blog!
    Will keep you in my prayers.