Life's a Roller coaster --- Enjoy the ride!

I know it has been a while since my last post, but I guess I have just been busier than usual, and have gotten a bit lazy too. I just got back from vacationing in Williamsburg, VA with family, and had a blast! One of my most favorite things was my visit to Busch Gardens theme park. I first visited the theme park years ago with my family, but was too young and scared to really ride any of the rides. So the visit this time I was really excited to ride all of the rides! I was even more excited to find out that they had added a new rollercoaster since I had been last, and it looked like it was really cool.

Once I got to the park though, the more I looked at the roller coaster, the more scared and nervous about it that I got. But I knew if I went home without riding this roller coaster, I would regret it. So I took the plunge.... literally... and rode "Griffon". It is a floor less roller coaster, and the tallest of it's kind at 205 ft.

After riding this roller coaster, I felt so accomplished, so excited. It was such a rush of adrenaline! First of all, let me also say that I rode it alone! So not only did I conquer my fear of riding alone, but I also made a decision and stuck with it. I didn't take the easy way out and not experience it. I absolutely loved the ride, and will always remember the experience. So here I am almost two weeks since I rode the coaster, and I am still thinking about how awesome it was! Which led me to think about it comparatively with life. I usually approach things with lots of anxiety, and sometimes cower away from things just because it will be easier. But after this experience, even if it is somewhat trivial, I have a different outlook on things.

So, no matter how scary life may seem, even if you have to do things alone, it could ultimately be worth the ride! But you have to get on the roller coaster to find out, or you could miss out on some pretty awesome things!