Frustration, Frustration, and Even more Frustration

Now, for a year I took birth control and never thought twice about the what ifs.... A little over a year after my very first doctor's appointment, I met and fell in love with the best man in the world. And we were married a year later. I would say almost immediately kids were on our minds. His brother and mom actually had a bet that we would have a child within our first year of marriage. Oh how I wish that they would have won that bet... We pretty much didn't think much into it the first two years, though, after nothing had happened. I guess in a way we looked at it as a blessing, because we had a really rough second year of marriage. By the third year though, things had evened out and we decided to start seriously trying to have a baby. I had never seen a gynecologist, so I had no idea where to start. So I went to my Primary care physician and asked for him to refer me to someone. He referred me over to an excellent doctor, Dr. Klemann. We had our first visit with her September 24, 2007. She did some routine testing and then sat down with Joey and I and explained exactly what was ahead of us. Nervous as we were she made it seem not so terrible, and that everything would be fine. She suggested that we have an ultrasound, and so we waited a few weeks and then called back a month or so to have a ultrasound done. well, to my surprise, when I called to make the appointment they informed me that she was no longer practicing, and that I would have to be seen by a different doctor. I was a little disappointed, but was just happy to be moving forward in determining what the issue was. So they assigned me to Dr. Waxman.

At first, I didn't mind her. I had my ultrasound, and she looked at it and mentioned nothing abnormal. No cysts, no scar tissue, no hard to find ovary..... Which knowing what I know now, really makes me question her. So she put me on clomid for the first time, and instructed me to come back in a month to see the results. I returned to Dr. waxman a month later, she rushed in, asked me about my last period, and then told me she was going to give me some medication that was basically a chemical D & C, which I read is given to many women going through a miscarriage. Now I can understand why she would have prescribed this to me, with all of my abnormal bleeding, however, she never even checked to see if I was pregnant. I had just told her it had been over a month since my last period, and she was jumping straight to giving me a medication that potentially could have killed a baby had I been pregnant..... I questioned her, and then she suddenly called a nurse in to get a pregnancy test... This really left a bad feeling though. And after a few months after this visit, I decided that I wanted to see a different doctor. I tried to stay within the same doctor's office, but they told me that I was not allowed to be seen by a different doctor. So then that really pissed me off, and I just found a whole new doctor, and practice. I just looked through all of the doctor's that are covered through my insurance, and just picked one. I can't say it was the best idea, but I was about fed up with doctors.

I picked Dr. Bongu. Only because she has an office in Evans, close to home and work, and she was available for a quick appointment. After a few visits with her, I knew that this was yet another frustration. She just prescribed me clomid after clomid. She did at least have me come in after every cycle to test my blood to see if there was any increase in my hormone levels. She never did any ultrasounds, but yet she did diagnose me with PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome). Deep down, I knew this was going to be what was wrong with me. Because a few years earlier, my mom had told about an article she read in a magazine about this syndrome. She said that all of my symptoms matched what this was describing. Of course, immediately I googled it... BAD idea. Long story short, I was in tears after reading a few different sites. Of course I jumped to all the bad stuff and looked at it as terrible to have. But Joey came in and reassured me that I may not have it. He made a joke of it and even stated that he had most of the symptoms too. He took my mind off of it temporarily, but once the doctor told me that was what I had, all those emotions came back to me, and I got really scared. well, after I don't know how many cycles of clomid, Dr. Bongu told me that she was going to do one more round of clomid, and if I didn't respond to it then she would have to send me to a specialist. At this point, I really just wanted to be seen by a specialist. So, I worked the system, in a way, I guess. I didn't take the clomid again. So when I went in for my test, I knew that I was going to show no increase, no response. And I didn't. So like she said, she referred me to a specialist. Dr. Servy... My first appointment with Dr. Servy was set for August 26, 2010. I was so nervous, but excited for taking the next step forward.

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